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Success Stories


Amazing Smiles & Gorgeous Teeth

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Dr. Peyton and his staff for all the years of outstanding service my family has received from them. I was referred to Dr. Peyton 15 years ago when I required corrective jaw surgery and wearing braces for three years would need to be part of the treatment. At that time I found Dr. Peyton and his staff to be knowledgeable, friendly and definitely an office I would recommend to others.

Today I have sons, 15 and 17 year old, who have both been treated by Dr. Peyton. At a young age both boys began to show signs of the jaw issue I had suffered from. Under Dr. Peyton's care their jaws have been adjusted in such a way as they may never need to go through the surgery I did. Today one son has completed his final phase of braces and the other one is getting very close to being finished. They both have amazing smiles and gorgeous teeth.

— Annavon, Alex & Gabe Romano

Best Of The Best Treatment

Hello, my name is Candy Wagner. I'm writing to let you know about the great experience I had with everyone at Dr. Peyton's office.

In my case, I was a bit hesitant to get orthodontics because I not only would need braces but also jaw surgery to achieve that perfect bite and smile. I opted to do it in 2005 and achieved my perfect smile before my 20 year class reunion in 2007. Thank you very much! I couldn't have asked for a more professional, efficient and friendly staff.

I researched many Orthodontists in my area and I found Dr. Peyton's office to be middle of the pack in cost, but top notch in facility and accommodating to their patients. I have, and will continue, to refer my friends and family to Dr. Peyton's office because I know they will get the best of the best treatment. I would stake my reputation on that from my experience.

— Candy Wagner

My Perfect Smile is the Product of His Careful Work

As a professional singer and teacher, I am keenly aware of the importance of a perfect smile. For years, however, I put off orthodontia, thinking my teeth alignment was adequate, deferring my dentist's recommendation. (I don't want to admit I was afraid as well.) When I finally agreed to treatment, one name was repeatedly proffered: Dr. Doug Peyton. "He was my children't orthodontist!" I realized.

I was thoroughly impressed by the high standards and training of staff, all of whom made me completely comfortable. I was included in all discussions and decision-making; I learned the many health benefits and cost savings proper alignment provides, at any age. I so appreciate Dr. Peyton's perfectionist attention to his art: my perfect smile is the product of his careful work.

— Sandra Glover

A Dramatic Change In Her Appearance

Dr. Douglas Peyton has treated two of my granddaughters and I am most satisfied with the results and with the performance of both Dr. Peyton and his staff.

They have shown patience and understanding during the difficult times when orthodonture hardly seemed worth the trouble, encouraging and giving progress reports to help keep both the patient and family going.

The greatest accomplishment, in my opinion, was his recognition and diagnosis of tongue thrust and the recommendation of a wonderful speach therapist, who guided my older granddaughter to better eating habits and more confident speech. Once underway, Dr. Peyton combined this treatment with braces, which provided a dramatic change in her appearance.

I would recommend Dr. Peyton and his staff to anyone needing those services.

— Elizabeth Jackson

The Results Are Wonderful & The Staff Is Amazing

When we first began our consideration of braces for our girls, we visited a number of different Orthodontists. We decided on Des Moines Orthodontics because Dr. Peyton was the only Orthodontist who said I should wait until we corrected a tongue thrust problem or we would be wasting our money. This indicated to me that he was more concerned about doing the right thing than he was about rushing kids through braces. We have since had three members of the family get braces and two so far are complete. The results are wonderful, the staff is amazing and without question I would suggest that anyone considering braces for themselves or one of their family members would be remiss if they didn't consult with Dr. Peyton and use Des Moines Orthodontics.

— Kerry Wallingford

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